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While I waited briefly for my espresso at the local California coffee shop (spoiler: it’s a Starbucks), I took inventory of the customer base, my current company: a U.S. Naval officer who I’m too intimidated by to buy coffee and breakfast for (an admirable Admiral, if you will), a mom with her baby who I’m tempted to pay it forward to by prepaying for her order, an Oxnard police officer who I wouldn’t mind befriending, a twenty-something with an American flag hat who just appreciatively received a free drink, a sixty-something Riverpark developer in a nice little tucked in polo, a few businessmen and women running late for their 9am shift, a Whole Foods Market team member who works across the street, a good mix of classes, races, and faces. A good mix of “normalcy.”

I started the car and inserted Jack White’s album ‘Blunderbuss,’ whose timing perfectly lasted the duration of my new trip to work. Oh wait. Backtrack. I didn’t mention that the new route replaces Chicago’s crappy Eisenhower Expy from Austin Blvd. to Canal Street with LA’s 101 from Oxnard to Santa Barbara along the Pacific Ocean. Upgrade. Not too shabby. “Upgrade your brain matter, for one day it may matter.”

Revelations and epiphanies aside, the drive along the coast of America’s western world is something not to be taken lightly or for granted when soaking up the sun, a la songstress Sheryl Crow. Sacrifices come along with such change though, something they may or may not tell you when you’re preparing for a life change such as a move across the country. Ultimately, change is good. We are meant to explore the world we’ve been given with open minds, eyes, and arms while appreciating the vast universe in which we live. “Tell you one lesson I’ve learned: if you wanna reach something in life, you ain’t gonna get it unless you give a little bit of sacrifice.” What are YOU doing for YOURself? It was a good first day at a new gig. It’s been a good start at a new life. The people here are happy to be alive. I need that. Adjustments. I throw Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Good Kid M.A.A.D. City’ and Arcade Fire’s ‘The Suburbs’ into the CD player and hope for more perfect timing…

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Speaking of #writing, this is what a #roughdraft looks like. #editing #writeaway #downtown #rabbit #work #grocerylist #installations #constellations #improvisations #hotel #suitelife #zackandcody #espresso #newport #cigarette #allmyfriends #neattweet #instagrammajamma #interestinginstagram #instigator #tumblr #sandwiches #hughjackman @fallontonight @jimmyfallon #eminem #contemplation #inflation #wordassociation #faggot #starttheconversation #todaysworld #bigthoughts #bigdreams #bigidea #writer #author

I found this little mini notebook that @_urbsinhorto_ made for me sometime ago. In it, I’ve written some stuff. I figured I’d share some of said stuff over the next few days. #whatever #quotes #21stcenturyfox #writer #writing #author #wordsarecool

Educated purchases are the only way things are going to change when it comes to the people having power in the corporate world we’re living in. If you believe the world we’re living in is just fine and dandy, keep doing what you’re doing. But at the end of the day, we’re all going to sleep at night. #corporations #moneyisthenewvote #peoplepower #animalrights #changetheworld #bethechange #bringbackpluto @chicagodiner (Read more about why the world needs changing, about this weird dream I had where meat eaters reconsidered their wicked ways based on a worldwide cannibalistic threat, and more at

This is a long post, so if you feel inclined to read the rest, it’ll be up on my #tumblr by the end of the night (or tomorrow morning, depending on level of distraction). It’s a #thinkpiece connecting #kendricklamar and #realmusic to #childrensliterature. This has been a revelatory day, to say the least, and I hope to be able to articulate on what it all means later. For now, enjoy the picture of our #bedtimestory for this evening: #RosieRevereEngineer and its precursor, #IggyPeckArchitect. #wecandoit #feministasfuck #newyorktimesbestseller #inspiregenius #andreabeaty #davidroberts #church

Real people want real music. The jig is up.
Kendrick Lamar

American people suck when it comes to the care of our animals.
American people are in the uncomfortable position of explaining to their young children what a(nother) school shooting is.
American people still resist gay marriage and the general equal rights of their fellow humans.

American people are far off from developing proper race relations, and therefore are far off from receiving their propers. American people still believe in the power of love. American people are starting to grasp the importance of the World Cup (can we stop calling it soccer yet?). American people need Jesus. American people need a new thesis.

Some Kind Of Working-Class Hero

It’s after midnight. On a Tuesday. Well, technically Wednesday now.

As we prepare to exit the train, the conductor enters the exit area to open the doors for those of us getting off at Oak Park. He says, “Man, you guys. Stay corporate. This blue collar work is grimey!” The two suits he was speaking directly to look at me for some reason, as to almost say with their eyes, “Yea, no shit. Look at us. Look at our amazing lives.” The first one closest to the door mentions that he was just telling someone earlier today to get out of the corporate world. The second suit says, in a slight accent I couldn’t quite decipher, “Yea, burn the suit.”
“Burn the suit?”
“Yea, burn the suit.”
I chime in this little mini debate with, “The grass is always greener, huh guys.”
“We’ve got a case of trading places brewing here.”
The interaction is quick, yet meaningful.
“Have a good one.”
“Have a good one.”

Between the suits waiting to step off this midnight train and the uniformed conductor, I stand in my Keith Haring baseball tee, mustard-ass yellow pants, black Chuck Taylors, and a Blackhawks fitted. Clearly, I do not give a fuck about the corporate world. And although I don’t think my job is completely considered “blue-collar,” I definitely associate and identify strongly with the working-class. I write about these people with their defined existences. I walk around this high class town with middle class values as the new day dawns with aspirations for great things myself, but they’ll be done my way. And what way is that, exactly? Individualized, fun, with integrity, humorous, honest, observant, appreciative, unique.

Neither wholly corporate nor entirely blue-collar, I’m starting to come to terms with cash ruling everything around me. There were many years where I swore money was not necessary for inducing happiness. And our current situation is rich in love. It always will be. But who wouldn’t want more money, even if it’s just a little bit. Ambition and paper chasing might not be so bad after all.

Earlier in our ride, I noticed the conductor dealing with a homeless man who could not pay the mere fare and was putting up a little fuss, hence the forthcoming “grimey” comment to the four of us in the train’s vestibule. I wonder if A) the suits have any idea why blue collar workers would refer to their work as “grimey” and B) vice versa, meaning, why would a corporate drone plead his case as to why burning the suits would be a reasonable solution.

"We don’t hate our jobs. We hate jobs in general that aren’t fighting our own causes."

The really funny thing comes from the serendipitous nature of this story and its subsequent telling. It was raining and storming and thundering all night, hell a pipe even burst at work leaving a veritable waterfall in the middle of our aisles. I was fully prepared to take a cab home to avoid the storm altogether. As luck would have it, the storm cleared up by the time I walked out the doors at work, allowing me to cancel my cab, save a few bucks, and save face with a tale of the working-class hero.

I’ll forever be a writer, observing, commenting on the social state of things. Whether or not anyone actually reads the shit still remains to be seen…

Here’s to the 9-5ers!!!

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